Mediated City

Plan, Section

Mediated City deals with two urban formal types, the plinth and the tower. Typically, the combination of these two has created the city-scape as we know it. While seemingly coherent at the level of the street, the fact is that most plinths are a no man’s land between lower-level parking and access to buildings. The effect is that most citizens feel “lost” when confronted with the tower/plinth dichotomy. This thesis is instead inspired by a seamless blending of vertical and horizontal urban spaces. The intent of this thesis is to create a vast space that unifies the residential, commercial, and public areas through a continuity of ground, plinth, and tower. A main residential tower and a secondary tower commands two blocks. The doubling of the towers allows for tiered and interconnected spaces forming various commercial and public zones.

Developed in collaboration with Yifei Li and thesis advisor Michael Rotondi